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​​A significant shift is transforming today’s corporate landscape. Because of technological advances and information growth, reshaping the workplace has become important to include not only diversity but inclusion, or the engagement of all employees in the corporate culture. Organizations who refuse to address these areas must suffer significant ramifications, and the bigger challenge of how people interact with each other once they’re on the job. ​

​Dr. White is a change expert in the area of Diversity and Inclusion, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation. She speaks to her audience on the subject of diversity, with clarity, so that they may fully understand that diversity is being invited to the party, while, inclusion is being asked to dance, and requires a fresh look at leadership training.

She is also an expert on speaking on workforce planning by addressing the two major facets: operational and strategic. Consequently, inclusion, impact, integrity, interconnection, interdisciplinary, conflict resolution, mediation, and international perspectives are the core values used in delivering her keynote lectures, workshops, or seminars—internationally or domestically and they permeate everything she does.

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